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PR and Business Connection with Integrity

Chasing Mavericks  is a niche PR and business connection agency in Kenya that offers consultancy on PR, branding and marketing, capacity building and team building facilitation, business connection (events organization and management) services.

whats maverick?

For us: Maverick means high level of professionalism, state of the art execution of our services -training, consulting and coaching services-dedicated to the management of the client companies, bundled with an easy, intimate style.

Our vision is to be Kenya’s Leading and Innovation corporate communication agency.


Our services are based on industry awareness. We do believe that the knowledge of the market and the synthesized experience is as important as the theoretical knowledge in the management sciences. Therefore, in every case, we transfer our knowledge filtered by personal experiences.

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Why Chasing Mavericks

We work together, and develop together: We are the ones that guarantee the necessary, wide spectrum of the added value, which is needed for an outstanding success story.We combine a modern, dynamic style and professionalism. Our creativity and diversity is associated with efficiency and results.

Our vision is to be Kenya’s Leading and Innovation corporate communication agency.

What You Get

Our team members are highly qualified professionals having years of experience that spans across the communication, marketing and public relations fields.

Our trainer and consultant team includes 5 people with all together nearly 30 years of experience under their belt.